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Mail Order

Whether you have a small mailing list or one that extends to millions of names, Auria will help you keep in touch with your clients and consistently meet the high standards of service you strive for, with increased efficiency and ease.


Wholesalers also benefit from Auria's integrated features. Bulk packed or individual items can be handled with ease, with bar coding support and the ability to support high volume individual transactions is built-in as standard.


Save administrative effort by consolidating activity management, time recording, project billing and ticketing and call tracking in a single integrated solution.


Efficiently track product component lists with full versioning support so you are able to monitor or revert changes over time. Create product builds, plan production and optimise performance.


Use your product list to build catalogues with customised pricing and other special offers and immediately publish these to the web. Rapidly and easily import baskets from your web site and process them efficiently without delay.


Manage your sales with ease using our multi-site, multi-currency electronic point of sale system, which fully integrates with the stock control and accounting system.


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