Capturing Orders
  • Multiple orders can be simultaneously processed. An operator can be keying a mailed order and quickly start a new order when your customers call.
  • The order taking and fulfilment process can be handled either by the sales person or batch processing of the fulfilment stage can take place.
  • Orders can be taken in multiple currencies and Auria automatically converts between currencies as necessary.
  • Multiple tax rates are supported, together with taxable and non-taxable price splits.
  • Manages the complete order capturing process. Provides the operator with easy order entry facilities whilst conversing with customers. Customer credit information is also easily to hand whilst keying orders.


Arguably one of the most important elements of your business, sales processing must be handled efficiently and with care. AURIA Gold Standard Business Software provides a wide range of facilities that allow you to take care of the most important aspect of your business - your customers.


A huge range of features built-in as standard with the ability to have the solution customised to meet your precise requirements. With a robust and reliable core, Auria lends itself to being tailored quickly and cost-effectively.


Do more and be more effective with a fully integrated, robust and tested system. Save time tracking business activities in multiple disparate systems and bring everything together as one complete and cohesive structure.


A tried and tested system, with clients in a number of different industries, Auria has proven itself to be a safe choice. We created Auria over twenty years ago and over this time we have incrementally developed it and continue to ensure its quality and reliability.

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