Nominal Ledger
  • Multi-company with optional consolidation facilities.
  • Multi-currency, allowing you to set conversion rates that are automatically applied throughout the system.
  • Regular repeating journals can be created to automate entry of regular items.
  • Auto-reversing journals allow journals to be posted into one accounting period and reversed out in another.
  • Standard accounts reports, including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Transaction histories, Nominal listings.

Auria Gold Standard Business Software comes with a complete and fully integrated accounts package. Sales and purchases, together with stock movements are all posted into the Auria ledgers in real-time, according to rules that you specify.


A huge range of features built-in as standard with the ability to have the solution customised to meet your precise requirements. With a robust and reliable core, Auria lends itself to being tailored quickly and cost-effectively.


Do more and be more effective with a fully integrated, robust and tested system. Save time tracking business activities in multiple disparate systems and bring everything together as one complete and cohesive structure.


A tried and tested system, with clients in a number of different industries, Auria has proven itself to be a safe choice. We created Auria over twenty years ago and over this time we have incrementally developed it and continue to ensure its quality and reliability.

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